M-F 02/04/19 to 02/08/19

Intro to Digital Tech
Use IEXPLORE (Internet Explorer) to go to TESTOUT.COM and log in as p1Lastname (I would be p1Everett as username and p1Everett as password)
Complete through Unit 4 by 02/06/19 and labs)

Web Design

-- Past Assignments:
-- 20 freecodecamp.org lessons in HTML5

-- F:\ROXANNE.MP4 from shade edited and created by you.

-- WIX.COM covering 5Ws and H Published and Emailed to ORIACjohn@GMAIL.com on 01/28/19

-- Current Assignments:

-- Competition Level ACCURACY website (use wix or weebly or webstarts or squarespace, etc.)

-- PHOTOPEA 1. Click HERE and find FIVE artist pictures-with-solid-backgrounds that start with the first initial of your first name
2. make sure that all five have solid backgrounds 3. Use PHOTOPEA with a giant transparent canvas and then with solid backgrounds in your celebrity pictures that you can easily get rid of using the magic wand.  4. Arrange all five onto an urban or city scene.  5. Add 5 Different Dinosaurs to the scene in the same way you added the five celebrities. 

Here's a GREAT VIDEO and a picture of a Kitten on the Moon

Save As a PNG named F:\CELEBS.PNG



Please use CHROME to go to Gradycs.owschools.com  and login as aa3lastname or aa4lastname (for 3rd or 4th period), please start Fundamentals of Web Design lessons and quizzes. Passwords are lowercase and all one word made of your middle name and lunch number.  Please finish the following by Wednesday 02/06


Here is the ROXANNE project instructions:
Web Design Classes
Use this video to make a lowest quality possible video and then use movie maker to make and appropriately place  the following slides before each clip that you prepare to match the slide:
Uh Oh, Slowly He Turns!!!
How About 2 out of 3 Dart Throws to Determine How Many Jokes to Come Up With?
Looks Like I'll Need Twenty
Joke 1 to (25 slides) Joke 25 You Must Put the
Category on Each Slide, Like Fashion, Polite, Humorous, etc.
Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting
Did He Fall Yet?
Extra Credit: Find and BLEEP!! the Drug Reference (bleep the name of the drug only)
Rubric For 2 Day 200 Pt. Project
30 Slides 6 Points Each and 20 Points For Making into an MP4 file at F:\Roxanne.mp4
Extra 10 for Finding and BLEEPING the drug word. (the drug/nose reference mentions hiding a particular drug that is typically associated with noses, so just bleep the drug name so that this whole expert shade throwing session is even more G rated.)   go here and