Intro Classes, please complete Ch11 by end of day 3/11/20 that is, before next Wednesday


Design Classes:


Monday (03/02/20), Tuesday (03/03/20), Wednesday (03/04/20), Thursday (03/05/20), Friday (03/06/20), & Monday (03/09/20) 

Please complete the following 7 lessons:

25. Business Leadership Skills
27. Group Dynamics in the Business Setting
28. Team-Building Skills in Business
29. Business Ethics
31. Business Etiquette
32. Methods of Business Communication
33. Verbal and Nonverbal Business Communication






















These last six will be due 3/11/20 but will not be part of your 45 day grade.

34. Business Letters and Memos
36. Business Presentations and Delivery
37. Business Technology
38. Use of Technology in Business
40. Channels of Business Communication
41. Role of Future Business Leaders of America