M-F 08/12/19 to 08/16/19

Intro to Digital Tech and Web Design
1st period, aaone__ is username and password at http://testout.com
2nd period, aatwo__ is username and  password at http://testout.com
4th period, aafour__ is username and password at http://testout.com
Remember, ONLY labs (the ones with a mouse symbol) and one labeled "PRACTICE QUESTIONS" count for your grade.
Get the check marks for the rest if it helps get you ready for the labs and practice questions, but it doesn't count for your grade.


Let's Explore Careers and Jobs!!!
To Start, go to GRADYCS.OWSCHOOLS.COM and log in using your first name along with aa3 for example, mine would be aa3john
Please use this for your password too
Last week we did all assignments through and including the Time Sheet project (it included an uploaded Word file showing an Alison course:
Unit: 1. CAREER MANAGEMENT Assignment: 5. Project: Time Sheet  Instead of a "TIME SHEET: For this, we used WINWORD to make and save a docx file that shows one screen shot of one of your Alison acheivements.)

, use the following list of the rest of the ASSIGNMENTS for Unit 1:
7. Lifestyle Goals
9. Societal Benefits of Work
11. Basic Work Qualifications
12. Work Environment
13. Basic Employability Skills
SKIP 14. Project: Basic Employability Skills
15. Problem Solving
16. Project: Problem Solving
17. Lifelong Learning and Technology
18. Career Clusters
19. Project: Career Clusters Research Tri-fold Brochure
When You Finish Please Complete This TedEd Lesson
NOTE: It Requires Setting Up a TedEd Student Account.