M-F 08/20/20 to 08/23/20

Intro to Digital Tech and Web Design
aaone__ is username and password at http://testout.com
Finish Unit 1 and 2
Complete all of the Ch3 Labs:
3.2: Power Supplies
3.2.5 Install a Power Supply
3.3.5 Choose and Install a Motherboard
3.4.3 Troubleshoot System Power
3.4.4 Troubleshoot Power Supply Problems
3.5.7 Select and Install a Processor 1
3.5.8 Select and Install a Processor 2
3.6.3 Troubleshoot Processor Installation 1
3.6.4 Troubleshoot Processor Installation 2
3.8.3 Select Memory by Sight
3.8.7 Install Triple Channel Memory
3.9.4 Troubleshoot Memory 1
3.9.5 Troubleshoot Memory 2
3.10.7 Find BIOS/UEFI Settings
3.10.8 Clear CMOS Settings
3.11.4 Install Expansion Cards
3.12.5 Upgrade a Video Card
3.13.7 Select and Install a Sound Card

1. Sign In/Up at Alison.com search for complete and obtain  the CERTIFICATES shown below:
2. Convert YouTube vids, use this vid and this converter (Alternate converter number ONE NOTE: Only click the ghost word download in the video NOT the download button--see below--number TWO number THREE number FOUR number FIVE number SIX)to practice
3. Upload your video to WeVideo account
4. Now for a bigger video, convert this one it is a Ted Talk about the idea that things are actually getting better.

Let's Explore Careers and Jobs!!!
To Start, go to GRADYCS.OWSCHOOLS.COM and log in using your first name along with aa3 for example, mine would be aa3john
Please use this for your password too
Do all assignments through to and including the following project:
2. The Purpose of Work
3. Personal Benefits Of Work
4. Wages and Employment Benefits
5. Project: Time Sheet (Submit Word file showing 1 Alison graphic design course)
6. Project: Earnings Statement (say "hi" and hit Submit)
7. Lifestyle Goals
8. Project: Lifestyle Budget(say "hi" and hit Submit)
9. Societal Benefits of Work
11. Basic Work Qualifications
12. Work Environment
13. Basic Employability Skills
14. Project: Basic Employability Skills (say "hi" and hit Submit)
15. Problem Solving
16. Project: Problem Solving (say "hi" and hit Submit)
17. Lifelong Learning and Technology
18. Career Clusters
19. Project: Career Clusters Research Tri-fold Brochure (say "hi" and hit Submit)
When You Finish Please Complete This TedEd Lesson
NOTE: It Requires Setting Up a TedEd Student Account.