M-F 08/26/20 to 08/30/20

Intro to Digital Tech and Web Design
aaone__ is username and password at http://testout.com
Finish Unit 1, 2, and 3 (skip all the LINUX 1.4 labs and practice questions) and score 67% on 3.3.5 to get 100%

NOTE: Unit 1 is 3 LABS and 3 PRACTICE QUESTION sets. Unit 2 is 1 lab and all of the practice questions, and Unit 3 is quite a few labs and sets of practice questions

Complete all of the following Ch3 Labs:3.2: Power Supplies
3.2.5 Install a Power Supply
3.3.5 Choose and Install a Motherboard
3.4.3 Troubleshoot System Power
3.4.4 Troubleshoot Power Supply Problems
3.5.7 Select and Install a Processor 1
3.5.8 Select and Install a Processor 2
3.6.3 Troubleshoot Processor Installation 1
3.6.4 Troubleshoot Processor Installation 2
3.8.3 Select Memory by Sight
3.8.7 Install Triple Channel Memory
3.9.4 Troubleshoot Memory 1
3.9.5 Troubleshoot Memory 2
3.10.7 Find BIOS/UEFI Settings
3.10.8 Clear CMOS Settings
3.11.4 Install Expansion Cards
3.12.5 Upgrade a Video Card
3.13.7 Select and Install a Sound Card

1. Complete an Alison "graphic design" course and post a word document containing the screen shot of it in Project Time Sheets or show completion to Mr. Everett for credit.
2. At GRADYCS.OWSCHOOLS.COM complete LESSONS through 18. Career Clusters
3. Complete This TedEd Lesson
NOTE: It Requires Setting Up a TedEd Student Account.
4. Complete all 4 Green dot areas of HTML Fundamentals at SOLOLEARN.COM, (sign up so that you have a login)
5. Paste your screen showing level of completion, showing your login, here is an example of 50%:
6. Put this into a word document called sololearn.docx and saved to your F:\DD folder.