M-F 09/09/19 to 09/13/19

Intro to Digital Tech and Web Design
aaone__ is username and password at http://testout.com
Finish Unit 1, 2, and 3 (skip all the LINUX 1.4 labs and practice questions) and score 67% on 3.3.5 to get 100%

NOTE: Unit 1 is 3 LABS and 3 PRACTICE QUESTION sets. Unit 2 is 1 lab and all of the practice questions, and Unit 3 is quite a few labs and sets of practice questions but to stay caught up, all of the labs
are due.

2. At GRADYCS.OWSCHOOLS.COM complete the following LESSONS in the new Digital course:
Introduction to Digital Arts
Why Do We Study Digital Art?
Digital Art as Mass Communication
Citizen Media
(photography) Shooting Technique

(Don't forget to Complete These Three TedEd Lessons:
Motorcycle Design