M-F 09/16/20 to 09/20/20

Intro to Digital Tech and Web Design
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Finish Unit 1, 2, 3, and

All of the labs and
 practice question  are due, including these labs for chapter 4:

Peripheral Devices
4.1.3 Connect a KVM Switch
4.2.3 Install USB Devices
4.3.3 Select and Configure Dual Monitors
4.5.8 Manage Devices
4.6.4 Manage Devices 1
4.6.5 Manage Devices 2

2. At GRADYCS.OWSCHOOLS.COM complete the following LESSONS in the new Digital course:
Introduction to Digital Arts
Why Do We Study Digital Art?
Digital Art as Mass Communication
Citizen Media
(photography) Shooting Technique
Digital Image Editing Software
Photoshop Express
Show and Tell
Audio Recording and Playback
Analog vs. Digital Audio
Digital Audio Editing
2D Animation
3D Animation
3D An, More Than Entertainment
Digital SFX for Film and Video
Digital Video Revolution
Digital Cinematography
Post Production
What's Next?
Digital Gaming - A Brief History
Gaming Today
Virtual Reality - Practical Applications
Virtual Reality - Cutting Edge
The Future of Digital Arts

(Don't forget to Complete These Three TedEd Lessons:
Motorcycle Design