M-F 11/04/20 to 11/8/20

Intro to Digital Tech and Web Design
                               At http://testout.com
Finish Unit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 by Thursday

All of the labs and
 practice question  are due.

1. Go here.
By the end of the week, please complete the following lessons in the new GRADYCS.OWSCHOOLS.COM class called
Digital Web Design (19Land5Q)JE:
1. Basic Employability Skills
2. Problem Solving
3. Lifelong Learning and Technology
4. Extracurricular Activities
5. History of the Web in a Nutshell
6.SkipTHIS>> Quiz 1: Employability Skills and History (you need to score 1% to skip this)
7. File Sizes and Resolution
8. Hosted vs. Local Computing
9. Quiz 2: Defining the Web
10. Manual Transmission: HTML (Part One)
11. The Editor's Two Flavors: HTML (Part Two)
1. The Internet Revolutionary Path to Applications
2. Quiz 1: Introduction to Internet Distributed Applications (Skip by getting a 1%)
3. Strategies for Keeping Well-Informed
4. Report on the Present
5. Evaluating Products and Services
6. Quiz 2: Emerging Trends (Skip by getting a 1%)

In Ch3, under
Complete These Four Blue Lessons:
1. The Mobile Apps Industry
2. Building Apps
3. Health Considerations in Developing Apps
4. Entrepreneurial App Development