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Recommendation for New/Modified Competitive Events


FBLA Competitive Events Online Reference Guide


Event Guidelines, Rating Sheets, and Format Guide

For more information on participating in FBLA-PBL Competitive Events, or if you are unable to download these files, please e-mail education@fbla.org.


FBLA National Leadership Conference Winners


2014 NLC Competitive Event Winners

2014 NLC Open Event Winners

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Good Study Guides from WI

March 7, 2014 From Monty

NOTE: This is John Everett saying that testfrenzy.com is probably your best resource for test/competition resources, and also, if you find more or better resources, just email me the links at j.everett@grady.k12.ga.us and I'll add them here.

New 2010 - 2013 Guides

This site has all of the old stuff in ALL competitive events

Carson/Devin use G:\test\APP\game_maker8

Darian use http://ibuildapp.com/


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FBLA Guide to Mobile Apps Competition

Cloud Google App


Website DesignDevelop a website for a local Bed and Breakfast in your community. The B&B, Willow Lake, offers honeymoon and anniversary packages, extended stay packages, and general one- or two-night accommodations for travelers. The business also hosts afternoon tea parties for special occasions such as birthdays and wedding/shower parties. The breakfast menu is French oriented with fruit and cheese crepes, various croissants, with gluten free options. The “Tea Party” service includes high-end custom teas and finger sandwiches with an assortment of finger-food sweet options. The B&B is located in a refurbished home that was built in the 1800’s featuring a fireplace in each room, authentically furnished living and dining rooms, and an outside patio with formal gardens for entertaining.

Highlight (and link to) homepages of local attractions that would entice individuals to stay on property. Highlight local restaurants for other meal functions. All information may be based upon your local community or fictitious information.

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Latest tips from Monty summarized:

Computer OR Spreadsheet Apps need the ability to Print to PDF, get CutePDF Writer (http://www.cutepdf.com), and doPDF (http://www.dopdf.com). 

Here are the links for your students to upload their documents to for RLC Skills Testing:

Accounting II:  https://georgiafbla.wufoo.com/forms/2014-rlc-accounting-ii/

Computer Applications:  https://georgiafbla.wufoo.com/forms/2014-rlc-computer-applications/

Database Design & Applications:  https://georgiafbla.wufoo.com/forms/2014-rlc-database-design-applications/

Spreadsheet Applications:  https://georgiafbla.wufoo.com/forms/2014-rlc-spreadsheet-applications/

Word Processing:  https://georgiafbla.wufoo.com/forms/2014-rlc-word-processing/


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Video of Competers | PDF | Business Ethics | Business Law

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Competition Links and Helps

FBLA ONLINE Testing is Thursday March 8

FBLA Competitive Events Overall PDF Document


Grea C, Bailey D., Caleb L., Cody C., and Tim S. -- Computer Problem Solving FBLA GUIDE


More from Quizlet, Flashcards that is


Nothing at TestFrenzy


Quizlet FlashCards | Quia Tests | Just Overview Stuff

Chris H. -- Introduction to Technology Concepts FBLA GUIDE 


Maggie B. and Ally H. and Brandon C. and Harley R. and Tim S.-- Technology Concepts FBLA GUIDE 


Ally H. Will A AJ Jackson. -- CyberSecurity Guide from FBLA


Digital Video Production -- Brandon C., Faith H., Maggie B.



2012 Topics - FBLA-PBL



Grea C. -- Networking Concepts Guide from FBLA

Caleb L., Cody C. -- Computer Game and Simulation Programming






Watch the outstanding video (below) for more information. Last year there were 695 applicants from 153 schools across Georgia.


Description: 21st
                            Century Leaders

Turner Summer Program
Applications Available Now!

Leadership Plugged-IN: A Turner
Technology Experience

June ˙˙â˙�15, 2012


o    Attend daily interactive workshops developed and led by professionals from TBS.

o    Network with TBS, Inc. executives in a variety of technology related careers.

o    Learn about major area˙˙?�Broadband, Linear, Interactive TV, Mobile, On Demand.

o    Create a technology based project with feedback from the pros.

o    Meet motivated young leaders from across the state of Georgia.

o    Gain valuable experience and a TERRIFIC item for college applications!

                                                  Leadership Plugged-IN

Leadership Unplugged: A CNN Experience
June 24˙˙�29, 2012


o    Attend daily interactive workshops developed and led by professionals from CNN.

o    Network with CNN and TBS, Inc. executives in a variety of media related careers.

o    Discuss and analyze world issues with CNN journalists.

o    Create a news-related project with feedback from the pros.

o    Meet motivated young leaders from across the state of Georgia.

o    Gain valuable experience and a TERRIFIC resume item for your college application!

                                                    Unplugged: A CNN

Learn More About Our Summer Programs!
                                      WATCH VIDEO

Application information is available online at

APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 13, 2012, at 9:00 am

126 New Street Suite B | Decatur, GA 30030 | P 404.373.7441 | F 404.373.7442

March 7, 2014 From Monty




We are looking forward to seeing everyone in just one week at the 2014 State Leadership Conference.  Please see the attached document for the schedule of activities and workshop descriptions.


Bus parking information and directions can be found on the LiveBinder.  Bus parking is $30 per day.  Checks should be made payable to AAA Parking.  If you are staying at the Melia, you should also park in the same location.


If you need special scheduling consideration due to other conflicts, please complete the SLC Scheduling Request Form at https://georgiafbla.wufoo.com/forms/slc-scheduling-request/.  You do not need to fill out this form if your conflict involves a student competing in two events, presenting a workshop, or having to attend region officer training.  We have already made these arrangements.  All scheduling requests must be RECEIVED by Monday at 2:00 pm.  We will finalize all performance times on Monday afternoon and will not be able to accommodate any special requests after 2:00 pm.  Please make sure you check with any of your students who may be advancing to State Literary.


We are also looking for a few student volunteers who wish to become a Student Ambassador and help us out during the conference for 3-4 hour blocks of time.  There is a limit of two student ambassadors per chapter.  Your students will receive an Ambassador ribbon, a gift, and $5 voucher that can be used at the Hyatt.  Students should not volunteer for time periods in which they are competing.  Please see the attached schedule.  If students are interested in volunteering, please complete the Student Ambassador Volunteer Form no later than Monday, March 10.  This form can be found at https://georgiafbla.wufoo.com/forms/2014-slc-student-ambassador-volunteer/


Advisers, if you have not volunteered to help, we are still looking for a few volunteers.  Please complete the Adviser Volunteer Form at https://georgiafbla.wufoo.com/forms/2014-slc-adviser-volunteer-form/ if you have not already done so.  Advisers who volunteer will receive a gift, a ribbon, and a $5 voucher.  Advisers, if you volunteer for the early Friday afternoon session, please make sure you have another adviser present to assist with hotel check-in.


We will be presenting Chapter of the Year awards for Gold, Silver, and Bronze chapters; Business Achievement Awards for Leader and America levels; and 2013-2014 Region Officer plaques at the Voting & Recognition Session on Friday evening at 10:15 pm.  Please make sure you attend this session to be recognized and collect your award.  Chapter of the Year awards for Honor Roll chapters and Business Achievement Awards for Future and Business levels will be included in your registration bags.  This is a change from the tentative schedule that was included in the SLC registration adviser guide.


There will be an Adviser Meeting at 4:00 pm on Friday.  Please make sure that at least one adviser from each chapter attends this meeting.


Please remind your students of the Georgia FBLA Dress Code for our State Leadership Conference.  Please remind students that tight-fitting clothes, casual clothes, or short skirts are not permitted.  Please review with them the attached Dress Code Violations Guide.  Students who are not dressed appropriately will not be able to attend the Opening General Session, Awards of Excellence Program, or competitive events.  Students who commit a dress code violation will be written up if they do not return to their rooms to change.  Students who are participating in a competitive event where they will present in front of a panel of judges must be in Georgia FBLA Official Dress.  Please note that if your competitors wear navy slacks or skirts, these must match the blazer.  If they are darker than the blazer, the judges may rule this as black and assess a dress code violation of 20 points to your student.  If your students’ navy slacks and skirt do not match their blazers, please advise the students to wear khaki slacks or a skirts.  Please note that according to Georgia FBLA Official Dress, if the slacks or skirt must be part of a matching navy suit if the students opt not to wear khaki-colored slacks or skirt.  Please make sure the students wear appropriate dress shoes.


Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Georgia FBLA Advisers of the Year:

Region 1:  Renea Waldrip, Crisp County High School

Region 2:  Deborah Patton, Coffee High School

Region 3:  Lovelle Armstrong, Brunswick High School

Region 4:  Emily Lamar, Greenbrier High School

Region 5:  Sheila Carswell, Houston County High School

Region 6:  Tanya Morgan, Chattahoochee County High School

Region 7:  Laura Edwards, Bowdon High School

Region 8:  Dianne Mayfield, Dawson County High School

Region 9:  Paula Davis, Chattahoochee High School

Region 10:  Sherri Taggart, Stephenson High School

Region 11:  Susan Fagan, Lambert High School

Region 12:  Marilynn Skinner, Baldwin High School

Region 13:  Sonia Coile, Madison County High School

New Advisers of the Year:  Blake Dunbar, Perry High School; Melanie Duncan, Sandy Creek High School; Sue Matthews, Chestatee High School


Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Who’s Who in FBLA Recipients

Region 1:  Deyante Prince, Terrell High School

Region 2:  David Roberts, Vidalia High School

Region 3:  Davia Williams, Brunswick High School

Region 4:  Emily Smith, Swainsboro High School

Region 5:  Jaeda Boyd, Veterans High School

Region 6:  Kaitlynn Powell, Chattahoochee County High School

Region 7:  Caroline Conerly, Central High School - Carrollton

Region 8:  Mikayla Whitfield, Sonoraville High School

Region 9:  Allison Hood, Milton High School

Region 10:  Jared Sawyer, Jr., Druid Hills High School

Region 11:  Ashton Seibel, North Forsyth High School

Region 12:  Chrissy Skinner, Baldwin High School

Region 13:  Lesleigh Irvin, Towns County High School



Monty Rhodes

Georgia FBLA Executive Director/State Adviser

3316-A South Cobb Drive, Suite #229, Smyrna, GA 30080

P:  (678) 231-7640


Visit Georgia FBLA at www.georgiafbla.org



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